A multi city mass layoffs some employees to Baotuan rights

A multi city mass layoffs some employees to Baotuan rights

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intended to take a "full house" Gaopeng it seems difficult to achieve this goal, from the previous "iPhone" to the present "layoffs door", confusing the issue of internal management of group purchase websites eager to expand gradually surfaced, the pace of layoffs is also growing fast.

ShangHai Railway Station was sentenced to more than one hundred dollars to pay 2 months salary

Gaopeng March

backed group purchase originator Groupon and Tencent of the two major shareholders at the beginning of the line, dig with 2 to 3 times the salary strategy was shocked the industry, but in fact, high salary is just appearance, but now the layoffs is real "big".

August 18th, the atmosphere West Yan’an Road No. 500 13 floor office in the company broke strange, all employees of the network, and to prohibit employees to go out, so far, the ShangHai Railway Station opened the prelude to Gaopeng layoffs. August 22nd, Gaopeng ShangHai Railway Station at 10 o’clock in the morning, the staff meeting, to determine the compensation issues, then in order for departure by former employees.

reporters at 22 noon rushed to Gaopeng Shanghai office, locked the door, with the relevant notice, the other side is a security guard, only listed digital internal staff name and answer a series of questions before entering.

Xiao Yuan (a pseudonym) holding a stack of turnover reports out of the Gaopeng Shanghai office door, this also means that he began to lose work from now. According to him, the ShangHai Railway Station editorial department was cut 50 employees, accounting for the total number of departments of the number of 50%, plus other departments were cut staff, the number reached 130-140. According to the reporter, Gaopeng Shanghai on the evening of August 19th to the morning staff struggle, finally reached an 2 month salary compensation, "the standard is acceptable, so signed a voluntary turnover agreement."

Xiao Yuan told reporters that he recruits Gaopeng in July, is still in the trial period, the sudden arrival of job cuts, still can not believe, "all is probation and internship, there was a little girl and a day after the trial period, was also cut out." He said that the next job will never find a site to buy.

24 reporters once again to the company in order to see friends, but still lingering shadow, layoffs, will inevitably have their own "99". A staff member told reporters bluntly, even in the workplace is still a little worried.

layoffs spread 31 cities some employees plan collective rights

according to the reporter, the layoffs involve as many as 31 city friends, of which 14 sites are removed, namely Kunshan, Nantong, Changzhou, Qinhuangdao, Tangshan, Taizhou, Jinhua, Zhenjiang, Wuhu, Yantai, Jiujiang, Guilin, Nanning, Datong, as many as 400 people, and this figure is still increasing.

for the massive layoffs, Gaopeng official response: "friends in business optimization moderate, in order to better adapt to the market China. We will

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