How to use Pinterest products to do marketing

How to use Pinterest products to do marketing

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this waterfall flow is very suitable for the user to browse the situation under the premise of aimless, users only need to continue to drag down the page to see the product of interest like or repin. Data show that: Pinterest is not only to enhance the user’s brand awareness, it also drives the purchase behavior.

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point before the start, first to review several recent news website Pinterest.

news: online content sharing the latest data service Shareaholic released in June, recommended traffic Pinterest social photo sharing site with more than Twitter, the social web recommendation engine Stumbleupon, Bing and Google. Over the past year, Pinterest’s monthly visitors increased from 700 thousand to nearly 20 million, equivalent to half of Twitter users. (I want Tucao: Twitter is not good.



news: in July 10th two, petals revision, strengthening Home Furnishing, travel etc. classification is closely related with the consumption of interest at the time, micro-blog said: "in recent weeks to think about Pinterest and a lot of e-commerce website cooperation, the personal feeling of petals in the recommendation engine to go in, causing enthusiasts gathered through interest and subsequent consumption may, estimate the next step would be to conduct cooperation with some domestic e-commerce sites."

news three: in July 10th, Sina launched a similar Pinterest product micro magazine, and sent a number of users to invite notice.


What is the

Pinterest website? In the case of Pinterest, its basic elements for video images, allowing users to "pin" pictures and video to set "they created pinboard, pictures and video can be uploaded content on this site forwarding others, can also be collected from outside the station, people can another" pin "forwarding, comments, love. "Pinboard" parent set a good classification for the site, the user himself or others can be "pinboard" classification. The bottom of the page is automatically loaded without flip function, let users continue to find new content.

many foreign reports show that Pinterest can not only enhance the user’s brand awareness, but also can drive the purchase behavior. How to use the Pinterest website to do social marketing abroad, there have been many studies recently have been concerned with some of the existing research results, talk about how to use this kind of website brand marketing.

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