Yuan Yong the next line of the brand to do e commerce should not blindly act with undue haste

Yuan Yong the next line of the brand to do e commerce should not blindly act with undue haste

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2010, e-commerce is becoming more and more popular, many brands are ready to line the B2C to join the army, but because most businesses are only familiar with the operation mode and the traditional marketing line, in the electronic commerce will be used in accordance with the traditional thinking operation and promotion the problem, and the more successful the line under the brand in the electronic commerce is more confident after finally, act with undue haste, a promotion stage found the expected returns and the reality gap too far, do not abandon, not a good project end is likely to become very chicken ribs. Unfortunately,


Yuan Yong believes that the success of the line does not represent the brand on the line will be able to succeed. If the lack of adequate investigation and analysis, the lack of understanding of the Internet, the basic lack of correct understanding of e-commerce, a good brand may be bad, but finally affect the line brand sales. Because, although the line of sales is the same product, is facing the customer demand properties quite, but there are many essential differences from the consumer online shopping consumers and the traditional line of products, such as credit, quality and price of the product, the user experience, customer service service requirements, consumers and online shopping and consumer factors the line considered when shopping is very different, if not considered, blindly following the line consumer behavior to deal with online shopping crowd, it is difficult to succeed.

Yuan Yong believes that the line to do e-commerce brand must have full planning. How to give the traditional offline sales channels, e-commerce channels and other possible channels? Is independent or interdependent? Or complement each other, or competition? Did not start a good location, is likely to last line of a messy battle, not to hurt the brand, the final pieces are hard to pack. In addition, the commodity must have the plan, which includes the commodity category, commodity price, commodity marketing strategy and so on.

Yuan Yong believes that the line to do e-commerce brand must have enough patience. Unlike the traditional e-commerce business, open a store, a month can recover the cost, it may be profitable for two months, the characteristics of Electronic Commerce decided this is a long-term project! First of all, you have the website system stability, excellent user experience, this is a store decoration than to complex many, because the next line of consumer demand for stores is not high, as long as clean and bright whole go on it, but the electronic commerce, consumers will continue to back and forth in the experience of this site, payment from the registration, to contrast, to order, to buy…… Every link to the user experience, if any link is not good, the user will directly use the mouse to vote for you. Secondly, you should establish a good customer service system, customer service from professional, from the speed of the logistics, from the aspects of customer service quality will be a lot of hard work, otherwise, a small details may lose a customer! And your reputation, your reputation, these is the accumulation of long time needed to obtain the user’s recognition, so plan electricity >

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