Electricity supplier operators should correctly handle the relationship between trust and principles

Electricity supplier operators should correctly handle the relationship between trust and principles

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with the rapid development of the Internet and has been developed to a mature degree, the current people’s life also cannot do without the Internet, especially some more is to get more profit through the Internet, the electronic commerce has become a very mainstream sales model. However, in the eyes of the Chinese people have always been less concerned about some of the details of the process, the pursuit of momentary pleasure. I think many of my friends to buy some small pieces of things in the street are not going to ask for a receipt or other proof of purchase; of course, in reality these things and finally there is a problem that is less and less, can not say casually in the street to eat snacks will cause food poisoning. This may also indicate that our social environment is pure, at least there is a certain degree of trust between people.

in our business operations we tend to talk about a problem, that is the customer experience, and this experience including his own website to buy things on the process operation cost, more important is to communicate with us when he was feeling. I think the deal is done on the basis of mutual trust. That is to say, whether we are customers or customers to us, there is a certain degree of trust between each other. I believe that whether it is from the perspective of the customer or business, are very eager to be trusted by the other party. If we say that the customer is deliberately to make trouble or competitors to inquire about the news, this conclusion once harming themselves real customers the consequences are quite bad; such as others simply say we provide products or services provided is false is the bluff for the same reason.

said above is that we should establish a trust relationship with our customers in the process of operation, so that cooperation between the two sides will be particularly happy. But in reality, if simply or blindly trust is certainly not enough, I want you to go to your house next to the convenience store on the boss may be happy, because you are his old customers, and you are the people here, the boss will feel a sense of security; but you go to the Taobao store on credit people will pay attention to you? We can’t say how people do not trust myself, I think if people trust you you may turn people’s mind. This is the principle of convenience store owner is the principle of you is my old customers, you are my acquaintances, credit points account is no problem; but I think the owner of Taobao even what do you look like I don’t know his work for the free things come directly to you, my own without any guarantee. As we do not trust the customer and then let it feel, the result is certainly not the other side of the transaction can not be completed; the following two in order to let customers feel that we trust him and bring their own loss of the case.

for me personally in the Internet is my avocation, I in addition to the operation of interest outside of technology is also a little feeling. I remember before I help people in Taobao to provide site service, the result is once too much trust in the final loss of their own customers. >

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