A barge pirates on Ali mother buckle technical service fees

A barge pirates on Ali mother buckle technical service fees

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just looked at the mother of Fengtai on the cost of Ali’s article, first of all, in the text of the error description to talk about their views:

This paper focuses on the critical

mom chargeback facts, but too much emphasis on the personal income tax of 20%, but Ali mother and not deduct the costs, most of the owners did not reach the payment standard of 1600 yuan, Ali alliance to help document which said:

How much is the service charge for

12 advertising transactions?

currently provides billing Ali mother in two ways: long time and billing, click billing, we only for ad sellers charge a transaction fee, namely advertising transaction amount, long time and billing: 8%, click billing: 15%, for example: you sold a piece of advertising a success. The week is priced at 500 yuan, then you need to pay the seller as 500*8% = 40 yuan, you get direct revenue for 460 yuan.

shows that the deduction is 8% or 15%. The cost of this 8% week advertising refers to the package of service charges, think, Ali mother although belonging to Ali’s, but it should be an independent operation, his team developed the operational needs of certain costs, the first 8% collection. After all, behoove free service is always not in place of.  then 15% service charge for bidding the click on the ads, that is to say the owners can commission 85%, imagine what the domestic bidding alliance can provide such a high percentage? If the price is low, which is not within the scope of the problem, but a main investment environment advertising and website of the investment value of.

shelling also to find the right object, random shelling only in exchange for everyone from.

I personally do for a period of time before the Ali Mama, now do not do. Because of this initial attempt failed, carefully buy advertising effect is not good, sell advertising is big buyers to buy a few whole disappointed, but I’m still waiting for Ali mother mature progress that is not only a technology, and put the value on the progress of.

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