Window period what other China nternet Corporation may be in this year PO

Window period what other China nternet Corporation may be in this year PO

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in 2014, called the first year of the United States and another u.s.. In April 17th, Sina’s micro-blog company, Locke holdings both listed on the first day the stock rose; Jingdong, mall, the way cattle net, cheetah moves have also submitted IPO application, the Alibaba listed in the U.S. is sound can be heard without end. In addition, the more numerous the Internet upstart China in high and vigorous spirits, are queuing listed in the u.s.. The following investment boom for your inventory in the second half of 2014 may be listed in the United States 9 China Internet Corporation.

Alibaba group

profile: Alibaba group was founded in 1999, and another 17 English teacher Jack Ma founded the Alibaba China site in Hangzhou City, sales of products provides a trading platform for small and medium manufacturers.

Ali group’s existing twelve wholly-owned companies, including Alibaba B2B, Tmall, Alipay,, word-of-mouth network, Ali cloud, YAHOO Chinese, Amoy net, Juhuasuan, CNZZ, China million net, an octopus. Among them, Alipay financial services such as Ali was stripped after the logistics company rookie network and the recent investment in non wholly owned subsidiaries and other assets not listed in the.

estimated time: 2014

expected location: United States

estimated Valuation: $175 billion

financing process:

investment tide review: whether investment and acquisition of Alibaba recently frequent generous, or the balance of treasure, Alipay continues to operate, and Alibaba a total of $8 billion in 2014 called Asia’s largest syndicated loan, there are indications that the Alibaba is gradually approaching the overall market. Sure enough, March 16th news, Alibaba official micro-blog announcement: the decision to start listing matters in the United States, if the conditions allow the future will actively return to the domestic capital market.

global investment banking sector has been closely concerned about the valuation of Alibaba group geometry. Submitted to the Commission in 2012 YAHOO (SEC) file, standardize the Alibaba group’s future listing standards: the market value of at least $73 billion 500 million, the issue price of not less than $28.35 per share last week on Wall Street; Alibaba IPO expects significant warming, after YAHOO’s report, Ali group’s fourth quarter 2013 sales rose 66%, to $3 billion 60 million, net profit rose 110% to $1 billion 350 million. Many overseas investors believe that these data means that the valuation of Alibaba group is expected to reach $200 billion.

this road through the agency has reported that Alibaba group or in April 22nd to submit the listing document, an important step in the u.s.. But now, Alibaba group is still preparing for the listing of F-1 documents, this week may not be able to submit the necessary documents listed in the United states.


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