The new direction of personal website cookbook website is popular in America

The new direction of personal website cookbook website is popular in America

Category : gvpvzfpe May 5 San Francisco Xinhua (reporter Mao Lei) in the economic crisis of the cloud, many Americans reduce the number of restaurants to eat dinner, more choose to cook at home. Although this leads to decline in passenger traffic has made some restaurants, to provide recipes for the main contents of the website to further popular.

"Wall Street journal" 5, citing market research firm, said the latest statistics, in March this year, the number of visits to the United States a number of recipes have increased. Among them, the "reader’s Digest" magazine’s "recipes Daquan" website that access up to 7 million 300 thousand people, become the most visited websites diet. The site lists a total of about 250 thousand recipes, of which about 45 thousand through the identification of professional chefs. Another website called my recipes, the month of the visit was 2 million 900 thousand, nearly doubled over the same period last year.

American popular cookbook website with popular features, many offered cookbook are quite practical, good operation. Some website operators reflect, the material cost is relatively cheap recipes recently especially popular, click a quantity to rise greatly. In addition, many websites also actively introduce social network function, so that users can upload their recipes, cooking and exchange experience under the economic crisis life savings tips etc..

has also been reported that not only the amount of visits to the site is bullish, the United States last year, nearly 3300 kinds of newly published cooking books, but also an increase of about 16% over the previous year. At the same time, the National Restaurant passenger traffic continues to decline. The National Restaurant Association at the end of April reported that in March this year, 63% American restaurant owner said the encounter traffic over the same period last year decline in the situation.

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