The tea alliance officially launched a thousand click on the value of 50 yuan

The tea alliance officially launched a thousand click on the value of 50 yuan

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is the first domestic novel product network marketing alliance — tea alliance officially launched. As the leading online reading website, netrose set up tea Alliance ( not only broaden the website marketing mode, brings the gold content of the value of experience as the affiliate website. Hongxiutianxiang to union members solemnly promise: every one thousand IP click will bring the income of $40-50 to the affiliate website.

tea was founded 10 years after each stage of the development of the network literature, network literature has become a gilded signboard. In 2008, netrose won the grand literature investment, the performance of the company on the upgrade, become the first brand China female reading. As the development of the network literature pioneer, netrose commitment will bring the most valuable experience of alliance with the best quality service for the alliance member. Once the alliance website in netrose alliance platform ( Act=login#) registration, access code, paste the code into your own web site, on the site of the 1000 IP per click will bring 40 to 50 yuan of income for union website. And join the alliance de tea is simple, 30 seconds to complete the whole process of joining. In particular, netrose is the first female reading brand website alliance is especially suitable for domestic first-class female station and all kinds of novel website.

it is understood that netrose was founded in 1999, is one of the most influential literary website of domestic original literary field at present, is the creation of the genre’s most comprehensive Chinese network literature website.

as of now, netrose platform has a long and short literary works more than 1 million 920 thousand articles, on average more than 31 million page views, is one of the most important China Internet original power. Has formed a female audience for reading, romantic novels featuring the original atmosphere, loved by white-collar women, is the first brand of Chinese network white-collar women read.

tea alliance started 4 to highlight the advantages of

joined the Red Alliance, can bring high returns, irreplaceable for each alliance member of high efficiency, high yield. The spirit of mutual benefit, sincere cooperation, continue to bring joy to experience each other cooperation principle, warmly welcome the tea alliance each have the intention to join the tea association website.

1, easy to operate

alliance members can according to their own web page form, choose the font size, background, alliance tea products, and put on your own website. The whole process is simple and easy.

alliance members need only to tea alliance page registered, fill in the name, contact information, bank account information with accurate completion of registration. Then log on to the union, and add the site in accordance with the process, and get the advertising code. Then get the ad code, add to the

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