DoNews was destroyed in Chen Yizhou’s hands

DoNews was destroyed in Chen Yizhou’s hands

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when I open the browser, I always unconsciously in the case of the domain name, and then a surprise, how I opened the site. In the face of this ad more and more, the content is more and more bad home page a few eyes, and then disappointed to turn off; a few hours later, I may unconsciously enter the URL in the browser…… . they, you have similar experiences? And to my personal point of view about this website.

first, the matador website

When the

in 2001, a friend told me a very mysterious, he knew Ding Lei Wang Juntao and many Internet top CEO QQ, and then I asked him how much? He told me that Ding Lei 1XXXX, Wang Juntao 1XXXX, I don’t believe. At that time, I was a thorough grassroots. Ding Lei, Wang Juntao these internet giants, only in the magazine to see their legendary experience. So, I added Wang Juntao’s QQ, chatted for a while, to confirm that it was really Wang Juntao, I was surprised. Then I asked this friend, where did you come from? He told me that from a matador’s website, then I continue to ask him how much is the URL, he who did not tell me, if I know.

But for

, I found is fairly high, very easy to search on this website, this website at. Obediently, the circle of celebrities are here, but also the real name system.

two, early DONEWS features nostalgia

is the first Donews Kobayashi development, although simple, but very easy to use. Remember that the site has three main functions: 1, BBS, column, column, 3, fast cattle

BBS requires the real name system, the administrator needs to register after the audit, there is a post permissions. So when the registration, if the information is not filled in the media circle and the Internet, most of them are out of the door. Early forum Allegro is not much, the celebrities are in.

column permissions are more difficult to get, the administrator needs to send a few things in the past to write their own, the administrator after the audit, will open the authority.

fast cattle is a chat tool inside the station, very characteristic, every day with information, there is a cow called.

three, mixed in Donews days:

I was browsing in Donews a week later, only to send the first post, it is predicted that within a year there will be a professional network planning company that post. The first is to reply this post himself sent a reply, the content is after one year if no one do, he will do the first. It was a joke, but it turned out to be true.

later mixed up, I QQ to tender sister said a lot of good words, she finally gave me the function of opening the column. The first I wrote on Donews

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