Professional website for profit variable burn

Professional website for profit variable burn

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according to the Baidu alliance and iResearch consulting analysis shows that: in recent years, China’s Internet professional website (or vertical website) is rapidly becoming a major trend. The audience is more divided, the network application gradually deepens, the network service is vertical and so on. With the maturity and growth of China’s overall Internet users, Internet users to the degree of popularity of professional sites also showed a more optimistic about the high growth trend.

, however, the rapid growth in the number of users and traffic so that many professional sites in the thriving, the situation is also under the appearance of good financial pressure. Except for VC (venture capital) Huashan Road, more owners hope to solve as pressing danger through advertising. However, compared with the large portals, they lack wide popularity and huge traffic, even by a fixed group of users sought after, it is difficult to obtain the favor of advertisers, websites in value has been seriously underestimated the situation.

in Shanghai, this year’s job seekers network owners Chen Wei has also been troubled by this..

as a professional graduates in the recruitment of professional recruitment website. With the continuous efforts of Chen Wei for several years, graduating students have moved from Shanghai to the country, ranking first in the same site. With the continuous expansion of the size of the job search network, the site’s investment is also increasing, but the income is still maintained at the original level. Although sporadic sell some advertising, but can not maintain a longer delivery cycle. The reason, chief Chen Wei said: "although this two years of rapid development, but the site located in the graduates, belong to a niche website, click on the site of the total is the biggest problem we encounter in the advertising sales". Advertising sales costs are also Chen Wei must consider the issue, at present, we do not have a dedicated sales team, most of the customers are directly looking for us, but such a customer, after all, limited. And if equipped with advertising sales, I worry about the cost is too big." The site’s profit model once let Chen Wei very confused.

like "graduate professional website, is the lack of old brand and mature advertising service, but if the effective browsing time, population characteristics, target users consider advertising exposure units and so on, as long as the customer counterparts, I guarantee that the actual effect is very good, customer satisfaction." Chen Wei told reporters in an interview with confidence, we are missing is a channel to find advertisers, and a platform for advertising services."

finally after a period of investigation, Chen Wei decided to try to use the effect of billing advertising alliance. In the introduction of a friend, he joined the famous results in Shanghai network advertising alliance. And the beginning of the experience did make him taste the sweetness.

is the first substantial increase in advertising revenue. The results of dozens of advertising activities provided by the network is a lot of recruitment category, Chen Wei chose the 51JOB, SHJOB, 1010JOB, post bar network, etc. in line with their own site positioning of the ads were put. In addition, as a result of such advertising alliance

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