Sina revised from the media will be formally launched on April 2016

Sina revised from the media will be formally launched on April 2016

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since the emergence of the media, so that people engaged in Internet marketing becomes more convenient and convenient. At the same time, it also brings a certain degree of difficulty in network management. When Baidu hundred, NetEase from the media, Tencent from the media, Phoenix from the media, a little bit of information from the media platform has been opened after the application, Sina from the media in November 2015 has also begun to accept open registration. Time only after two months, in January 4, 2016 received a reply from the media Sina QQ said the platform is currently being revised".



QQ from the media official reply, the ongoing revision of the platform, will be officially launched in April 16, when the user can check, please be patient, we will open in QQ invite you to enter, the background is now closed, not for review. "

is really a surprise. Ah, white manghu for such a long time. Had been through, however, has been that the media from Sina because of strict audit mechanism and limit the application of the user. It is because the platform is revised, the need for technical architecture.

in early November 23, 2015, Xin East published an article on "interface Sina since the media re open registration from the media really coming of spring?" said, after a long time of the suffering, Sina finally unable to bear the lonely hearts, the re opening of sina from the media application entrance.

who knows the time just over two months, in January 4, 2016, Sina has since issued a media platform revision will be formally launched on April 2016, and so on. In a sense, Sina play from the media is a little slow.

Sina launched in April 2016 since the media is not too late for

now flooding from the media platform, if found online, will find a lot of. When everyone on the Baidu hundred, NetEase from the media, from the media,, Phoenix guest, little information from the media, since the media Sohu and Tencent from the media and other familiar, who had been part of the user know the flowers from the media, since the media UC the birth of what is the significance of the


Internet era, can bring substantial things to the customer can only control the situation to a certain extent. No matter what platform you do, for users, can not be the real profit is the key.

when all of us know that the site has been opened from the media platform, Sina has just started preparing for the media. It’s not too late,


recently, the Internet industry for many years to observe the New Oriental (WeChat public number: Xin Dong) on the part of the media users conducted a survey found that many users recognized Tencent business model.

From the point of view of social communication software to start up Tencent

is very correct. After the accumulation of users, you do not do what you say. Fans who in the world, and the Tencent can be very good to gather the user, and quickly gather.

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