From the time of starting point to the evolution and evolution of interactive network literature

From the time of starting point to the evolution and evolution of interactive network literature

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speaking of network literature, most people will think of reading, starting point, netrose a large number of creative platform. It can be said that the starting point, netrose platform to create a generation of young people’s memory. 80, 90 often reminds me of the hand-held NOKIA hide in the quilt at network novel day.

with the network of literary works gradually precipitation, fermentation, they show a strong stamina today. And because of the development of mobile internet literature is constantly showing a new trend of development. From the beginning to the present era of interactive fiction in the field of network literature budding, network literature is ushering in the evolution and evolution.

network literature foundation of ten years

2002, the birth of the Chinese network. In 2004 to lay the foundations of starting point Shanda, Shanda literature. Then the starting point to the fast track. At the same time, netrose a series of network literature platform of contention of a hundred schools of thought. A large number of domestic network literature has a great impact on the outstanding works are born in 2005 after.

When the outbreak of the

network literature before and after 2006, the year before, specializes in the creation of romantic novels, Gu diffuse Donghwasa "energy-saving", "smiled," very little "," startling step by step "the desert ballad", "cloud song" and other works for good writings make people copy them.

"Tomb notes" is from the beginning of 2006 to the 2011 finale series, published in five years gathering of millions of readers, so Chinese Nanpai Sanshu among the super best-selling book writers. At the same time, "and" energy-saving "sky" and a number of novels in 80, 90 between quickly formed a strong influence.

the network literature mostly by PGC model, following the launch of VIP was the starting point of reading, the monthly ticket system, contract writers use works for their popular gathering at the same time, the network Nanpai Sanshu and Tang Jiasan little tricky, a famous writer born in that era.

can say that Nanpai Sanshu and Tang Jiasan little tricky, though seemingly not recognized by the mainstream literary circle, but sought after by the reader. The reader has become a spectacle of chasing serial.

not only that, the work still has a strong influence. Ten years ago, the network literature has become the IP bonanza. "Energy-saving", "smiled very little", "Tomb notes" have been made into the data or become mobile phone game.

Chinese network literature and even in a number of overseas translation website is popular, this phenomenon be struck dumb. "Biography", "mortal immortal sky" and a number of domestic is regarded as "two" in works of fiction in foreign countries but by foreigners cried loudly. The first generation of novel writers, China network literature has been involved in the foreigner reading life, which means that the output of the huge ecological network literature has gradually become a reality.

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