Price is rotten what can be made of domestic mobile phone

Price is rotten what can be made of domestic mobile phone

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, GSMA (GSM Association) research institutions GSMA mobile intelligence’s (GSMA Intelligence) on Chinese mobile phone industry and the market release of the report caused concern in the industry. Then contact the report, report statistics, coupled with the recent several market authority related to intelligent mobile phone industry and China mainstream market manufacturers and recent initiatives, will undoubtedly have a clear understanding and knowledge of the current and future development of the mobile phone industry China.

first GSMA statistics report to the industry the deepest impression is: intelligent mobile phone China average price was 1100 yuan ($175), the average price of domestic manufacturers of smart mobile phone for 935 yuan ($150), almost the only international brand 1765 yuan ($285) half price. Here we see that the average price of China mobile phone market is higher than that of domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the price, but this is driven mainly rely on the international brand, Lenovo to before the apple iPhone pull around the high China intelligent mobile phone market price of 40% of the conclusions, we can easily draw the pull is the protagonist of apple. Nevertheless, the average price of China’s smart phone market is still lower than the global smart phone 185 – $200 average price. Even in this case, the first quarter of this year, China’s six largest smartphone vendor shipments in the global smartphone market accounted for by the same period last year fell to 25% of the total of 29%. At the price lower than the global level (and the price still in an apple iPhone based international brand pull) under the condition of the domestic mobile phone did not effectively enhance the market share of the mobile phone industry, Chinese visible after the market share of the "great leap forward" last year’s exciting period (in the name of the low price) the price of the driving factors, only premature consumption. This is why this year, manufacturers will focus on competition in the thousand yuan, or even the main reasons for the following thousand dollars.


also announced new LETV mobile phone manufacturers from the cost and the cost of sales and 399 yuan intelligent mobile phone in our way, on the one hand to testify China mobile phone market price driven competition, on the other hand, it indicates that Chinese mobile phone industry and the global intelligent mobile phone industry compared to prematurely enter into a excitement period, and this exciting period is the product of a premature entry into the exciting period before, after all, before the "excitement" price driving factors has been unable to effectively promote the growth and maintain market share. Of course, the price of this excitement is lower prices and lower profits.

is also a GSMA report shows that the proportion of Chinese manufacturers to produce 4G phones are higher than international competitors. In the first quarter of 2015, 70% of the new models released by Chinese manufacturers to support 4G networks, while the global average of only 40%. The average price difference between domestic 4G phone and 3G mobile phone is 375 yuan ($60), and by 2016, China’s smart phone manufacturers will not launch a new phone 4G. I do not know the industry

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