Hacking industry decryption Chinese hackers black chain value of tens of billions of industrial chai

Hacking industry decryption Chinese hackers black chain value of tens of billions of industrial chai

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December 28, 2010, the German chaos computer club held in Berlin in the twenty-seventh annual conference of chaos hackers, chaos hackers annual meeting can attract 3000 participants.

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"night brush Kuzen profit 6 million, second days to buy a sports car to show off." Chown Group (COG) advocate Li Qi introduced the rich experience of hackers to the Post reporter, Li Qi name Liwrml, is the earliest China hacker organization "Green Corps" one of the founders.

yesterday, the field of network information security for the COG-2011 information security forum sponsored non-profit research organization focused Chown Group held in Shanghai, nearly 400 hackers and information security professionals to participate, including China’s top hacker organization leader: Green Corps founder Goodwell, Hawks on behalf of Wan Tao, on behalf of Lion and red union Knownsec on behalf of Li Qi et al.

called the library is a hacker hacking site server, steal data from the database. According to Li Qi’s argument, this is one of the top hacker technology, but also the most sophisticated hacker industry, I admit that people have a heart of envy, but I will not do so, people have the bottom line."

Li Qi said that the current scale of China’s black chain of hackers worth tens of billions of dollars, driven by the interests of the Chinese Internet is now facing runaway situation.

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according to COG statistics, in 2008, Chinese hackers found through hacking profitable, began to engage in non main business, the so-called black chain, but before this, Chinese most hackers to share information technology.

however, Li Qi for this batch of veteran hackers, then had a "active period of their". Li Qi said that in 90s of the last century just contact the Internet looking for loopholes purely for technical fun, there is no concept of black. "Some people may not get respect in the real world, but on the Internet feel like God, do what you want to do, and began to do black industry."

is the most active in 2004 and in 2005, when regulators in a vacuum. Now a large number of people have quit, because those two years they have earned enough money." Li Qi said.

Li Qi will be divided into three types of Chinese hackers, black industry to do hackers, gray industry, gray off and a government background of the white off".

gray industry is not a black industry, the former is the plug-in, the so-called rogue software." Li Qi said, this is clearly the advertising module mandatory installation of computer memory in the price can be sold for 80 yuan a. Li Qi revealed that a well-known broadcast software had a profit of 600 thousand yuan a day, and another to start the soft Windows pirated

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