The personal office website to submit high definition color photograph very difficult to profit

The personal office website to submit high definition color photograph very difficult to profit

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February 26th, reporters from the Provincial Communications Authority was informed that the Council has received "issued by the Ministry of the further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)" notice, according to the notification requirements, can set up a website in our province clear person, but need to be identified".

according to the reporter, to the registration and verification verification trial program clearly stipulates that the individual is qualified the website, the website for the record will require the sponsor submitted color full faced photo. Before the end of September 2010 the verification department will complete all of the site’s record information authenticity verification work.

non operating sites in our province has reached more than 100 thousand

personal sites are mostly non operating sites for the record, before the site to apply for the record management is relatively loose, the site for the record is very fast. According to the Provincial Communications Authority statistics, as of the end of 2009, the province to apply for filing of non operating sites has reached 10.1, operating up to 605.

Do the supplies business in

February 26th, Sanhao Lo told reporters that his own company registered the company’s website in 2005, is registered in the non business, because the site just to sell their own products to do publicity, which provides free online information. Registration is very convenient and simple, no special constraints.

but according to the Ministry of industry recently issued a notice, such as Mr. Luo need to do the site, in the future when the record will not be so simple. The new regulations require the site sponsor for the need to provide verification of documents, access service units in the unit for the record collected and retained the site for color bareheaded photos, and requirements specifications for 800× electronic photos of 600 pixels. Communications Authority will be conducted within 20 working days of the audit, qualified will be issued for the record number, access to the implementation of the site access unit.

booklet, military officer, MTPs are required verification of original

according to the provincial communications administration department insiders, the notice on the site sponsor has been clearly explained: "the website refers to the Internet information service providers, including two types of units and individuals". As the site sponsor for the first China citizen Id original for verification of their identity, in the absence of ID card case, can the original verification booklet, military officer, MTPs etc.. As the site sponsor China is non citizens, verification of its original passport. Provincial Communications Authority is the province’s website to apply for the audit of the main body.

it is understood that at present most of the province’s personal website operators to choose the.CN domain name, because of its low initial cost by individuals who do website. .CN domain name registration process due to more and more trouble, the registration of personal sites began to choose.COM domain name.

do web site entrepreneurship was the first choice for some young people, because they are more familiar with network technology, and do business threshold is relatively low. But on the current operating profit model, the

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