Adsense network broadcast hungry how to achieve half a year 10 times the growth rate of crazy indece

Adsense network broadcast hungry how to achieve half a year 10 times the growth rate of crazy indece

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$10 billion platform Imagination: takeaway O2O platform hungry it how to achieve 10 times the growth rate of six months?  

takeaway O2O platform hungry founder Zhang Xuhao nearly two months, less than 4 hours of sleep a day. He was both excited and hungry: strike terror into the heart of usher in a "big fission" – 10 speed growth. Half year, hungry from 200 workers quickly expanded to 2000 people, the average daily number of orders from more than 10 single rapid growth to 1 million.

in Shanghai Nanchang Road, a cafe, Zhang Xuhao conceal his excitement of "entrepreneurs" & I horse said: "the hungry now grew very fast, we see that exaggerated data." – since September, orders have grown by almost 100% a week.

hungry employees of "entrepreneurs" & I horse said, nearly two months in the "firepower", most of the employees after 10 in the evening to work, and as the founder of Zhang Xuhao sometimes can not return home, only in the office on the sofa to sleep one night, second days up to the office. He used to talk about business at the WeChat group at two or three a.m..

2 why is Lan Xiang so hot? Look at how it’s done,  

Lan Xiang’s fire, is that it has already become a piece hand were cocoon stalk line. "Excavator which is stronger in the end? Chinese Shandong find Lan Xiang, many stories advanced standard ending scripts.

"gray days, the vast field, mining technology which strong? I ask for is not Mulan Shangshu Lang, Chi Trinidad willing enough, mining technology which is stronger


look at the fire a few days post it:

in 2000, when the first public affair, Faye Wong 31 years old, Nicholas Tse, age of 20, the age of the age of the age of the age of times of the times of the time of the year of the year of the year of the year of, the age of 1.55 years. In 2014, two people at the 45 year old Faye Wong, a broken mirror joined together, Nicholas Tse is 34 years old, Faye Wong is 1.32 times as old as Nicholas Tse. Now the question is: a time series convergence function for the two age ratio and calendar year. Two, the matter to Cecilia Cheung, Li Yapeng left no small psychological shadow, how much is the shadow area? Three, if the use of excavators to fill the shadow area, then ask, which is strong excavator technology?

3 an article to understand the use of millet: Li Wanqiang said, a reliable engineer top 100  

sense of participation: word of mouth marketing millet internal manual "fire!" as human history to reach tens of billions of dollars in sales, billion dollar valuation the fastest growing company "(Xu Xiaoping), 4 years behind millet 60 billion by way of any special place, the removal of the contents of the book, to share with you.

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