Pay attention to Taobao outside the huge network market

Pay attention to Taobao outside the huge network market

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most of us are selling products on Taobao, Taobao C2C is the foundation of e-commerce, here to thank Ma Yun, Ma boss for us to create a brilliant, driven by the development of e-commerce in china.

we know that for those in the crown crown sellers, every day they are very busy, to manage their own team, to operate their own company, there is no time to the operation of other projects, and for most Taobao sellers is flow miserable, they sell not sell baby, is lonely! Every day a lot of time on the Internet, but the real work together but less than three hours, every day can only sell a few single


what are they missing? Is the traffic? Credibility? Marketing skills?

is not a success is accidental, everyone’s success is to pay the price, must let the experienced many setbacks, difficulties, must absorb effective knowledge can make the strategizing. every day tens of thousands of sales, but there are a few of their own, the most fundamental reason is that you have not mastered Taobao operation skills, any operation skills that Taobao is, if you have mastered the skills you can play a maximum effect in the shortest time, I was perfectly logical and reasonable legal compliance under the condition of 2 hours at a drill, and the initial reputation is caused by 0 this is a skill.

do Taobao to learn to promote, do Taobao to learn network. Taobao is China’s largest e-commerce site, but he does not represent all, many Taobao sellers can only turn around the Taobao every day, do not know there is a bigger market than Taobao!

there is a place where there are rivers and lakes, there is a flow of income on the site. I am engaged in the Internet network to make money in recent years with the skill and method of making money online, we count the money which station


first Baidu every day more than 20 million of the profits rely on Baidu’s services, Baidu’s promotion (through) Baidu’s alliance to profit

second Tencent has the country’s largest user market, the monthly membership fee of QQ also let us six months, the next 5 years, Tencent will rapidly develop its e-commerce, the Chinese market occupied

third Sina home advertising are hundreds of thousands of calculations, but also does not include its e-commerce market, let alone the calculation of the flow conversion

fourth day sales reached 800 million, although the money is not Taobao, but how many of the 800 million train by how many people through the Taobao customers to promote, how many people opened a shop in


is more than All the world knows. big website, you might say we do not have the same ability to operate such a website, because we have no money to operate. Whether there is no need to invest too much, but they can make money in small sites. The answer is absolutely yes!

I was in June this year

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