A novice local website and Forum promotion tips

A novice local website and Forum promotion tips

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The first

in the A5 hair article, badly written please Paizhuan, just with my own experience to write.

I am a grassroots webmaster, in July this year, the use of 5d6d forum binding domain name to see a local forum. The Liangshan forum, because my home is Liangshan County!

do the local forum or website, to locate in the local, local service, make money to earn in the local.

first step, do SEO optimization!

I think do SEO optimization of the local forum or website, what should not difficult, nor what to say, prominent names, keywords or local local specialty industries as well as local classified information, you can. Anyway, I just do it, and now the search for the Liangshan forum, Baidu has been ranked first in my


second step, the use of local stick to promote!

In fact,

local network promotion forum Forum on the development is not crucial, but brief! Should first and the local Baidu Post Bar or some other popular good website links. In our Baidu Liangshan it is the most fire of the network community, the county almost did not know, I began to go directly to the advertising, the results will soon be sealed account and IP address. So we don’t go to hair advertising, and contact the owner, a Links. This is the best! If I take the link of the way, now estimates (only estimates, alas) can bring me dozens of high quality IP every day!

The third step:

QQ group promotion tipsThe

forum was established, I began to add that I can find all the local QQ group, added after the start of the advertising! Here is a little trick for everybody said, is into the group, sent directly to the advertising group in the membership can be, not directly to the group in the public chat bar. Be careful not to issue to administrators and other group managers. And then in the group forum published a post on your forum. Although one of the hair a bit slow, but at least not be kicked by the administrator. After the completion of the above steps, and then contact the administrator, set almost, see if you can send your website URL to the group announcement. I tried, a group of more than and 40 people can bring the day of IP and 2 to 4 registered members of the group of more than and 20.

fourth step: SMS advertising

there is no money to advertise, how to do ah, the best way is to do it! I find the local information from other sites classified information, to see the local phone number I will send text messages to promote my forum. SMS is cheap, but also monthly, which is advertised in abroad cheaper and more! Have multiple, every 20 would be enough, slowly. Their conversion rate of the forum should be very high, perhaps also can bring the advertisement income to your website!


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