The practical application of network marketing methods and three trump cards

The practical application of network marketing methods and three trump cards

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on the first half of the article we mainly talk about three ways: blog marketing, IM marketing and WeChat marketing.

first talk about the role of blog marketing, one is to get exposure on the search engine, the delivery of product information; two is to assist the enterprise website SEO do the chain. To do blog marketing, first you have to create a blog of their own, it is recommended to choose the third party platform to build a blog. For example, Sina set up a blog in the NetEase website, because in these high weight website blog, your blog or even less than half an hour to be included in Baidu, and the third party blog platform, set up for the novice, relatively easy to use.

to create a blog in accordance with the principles of SEO, as much as possible to put the number of keywords in front of the plate, which is more conducive to our search engine rankings. Novice may not understand the mechanism of Baidu rankings, then we simply say. Baidu is mainly according to the website of the correlation (correlation mainly refers to the correlation between the content of the website and the optimization of keywords) and authority (the search engine will give a certain weight of each website weight reflects the evaluation of search engine for website quality) and practical (web content for the user is not practical, whether users love the site the contents of the three principles) to rank on our website.

do not forget to create a good blog update quality articles, so as to make your blog a step by step to grow up, but also conducive to the latter part of your marketing.

now let’s talk about IM marketing, what is IM marketing, the use of instant messaging software to promote products and services is called IM marketing. In China, the largest number of instant messaging software is QQ. Us three IM marketing method, is the most used precise push method, followed by fish farming method and the psychological re purchase method.

precise push method: through the QQ to find the precise target population, and then to these precise users push targeted advertising.

90% or more QQ marketing is the use of this method.

fish pond culture: self QQ group, and attract potential customers to join the QQ group, and then through a good interaction and long-term guidance to cultivate customer loyalty, and ultimately achieve the goal of product sales.

psychological re purchase method: through personal QQ and marketing QQ customer maintenance, so as to establish a good relationship, and eventually to the customer to buy several.

the last one or two years is the hottest WeChat marketing, we know that in the past the way information is spread through the text from the newspapers, the Internet, the information transmission began to shift to the network, intelligent machine, is to transfer the information to the mobile terminal development.


era in which we live, is the age of information, but also busy times, every day from nine to five, could not sit in front of the computer every day, so most people are the mobile set >

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