The well known domain name cybersquatting crazy

The well known domain name cybersquatting crazy

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There are no special procedures for dealing with domain name disputes

cybersquatting and social celebrities, hot events, famous brand related network domain name and put it in the online auction, some people have become "a way of earning money, which gave birth to the domain name investment

Experts suggest that in the process of

Internet domain name registration rife

"Feng Xiaogang’s film" the banquet "domain name was registered!" When the news came on the Internet "the banquet" Chinese domain has shouted out the price of 150 thousand yuan. According to the online registration information, "the seller" Mr. Liu early in the film for the first 3 months has registered the domain name, is now in the streets of billboards appear on "the banquet" movie poster, Mr. Liu’s "selling point" consciousness is much stronger than the.

"your domain name registration, Li Yinhe know?" For this problem, Zhou Yifeng seems a little shy: "I have never contacted Li Yinhe, photos and information are from the Internet to find. I want to do my site by means of her fame, is the first station hit her advertisements to support her;

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