They then missed the angel investment Tencent now regret it

They then missed the angel investment Tencent now regret it

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Tencent to become king of Hongkong stock market, the recent share price is likely to break through the $450 level. At the same time, many people believe that due to the strong layout of the mobile Internet, Tencent’s share price is still seriously undervalued. The more so, there are many people may be more remorseful, because some of them have had the opportunity to invest in Tencent, but ultimately refused; some people are too early to hold the shares of Tencent. Today the second will check those tragic bigwigs Miss Angel round of Tencent.


many people miss miss miss Tencent, Alibaba, drops 58, mostly because of asymmetric information and no channel, but in the Internet Financial outlet, raise a cloud disk ready meal 80, you will miss the next BAT


Richard Lee

said at the time that Ma Huateng did not sell to sell unusual suffering

Richard Lee this life the most failed investment case, it is certainly the Tencent. Richard Lee was in 1999 to invest $2 million 200 thousand, holds 20% stake in the Tencent, the Tencent is the most important was the start of a risk investment. But less than two years later, Richard Lee will sell the stake to $12 million 600 thousand in South Africa’s MIH holding group.

although Richard Lee got more than five times the reward, but if today Richard Lee’s hands still holds 20% stake in the Tencent, more than 10% stake founder Ma Huateng also twice as many words, Richard Lee now is certainly the richest Chinese. If so, he will not only be able to really get out of the shadow of Li Jiacheng, but also grasp the supremacy of China’s Internet industry authority.

for the time of this experience memories, Ma Huateng said, "I want to say the suffering, the suffering of entrepreneurship is this period of time, I do not love this delay, then (Richard Lee)’s not say buy nor sell said, we put aside until finally decided to sell is already in June 2001 at that time, the NASDAQ has quickly collapsed."

capital markets may be really lucky or not is difficult to judge, to June 2008, because of strong growth and price stability, the Tencent became the Hang Seng Index constituent stocks, it is for pccw.

Wang Gongquan

IDG sell Tencent become a huge heartache

IDG is the same as PCCW, prematurely sold Tencent. It’s a great heartache for IDG friends." According to Wang Gongquan’s statement, if you stick to it, Tencent this investment can earn money to IDG, almost the sum of the current top IDG money.

Wang Gongquan once said: when just as we do at QQ IDG, said today, the Tencent is a great company, at that time, Ma Huateng does not even know their future is a great company. We flew to Guangdong and sat there, forcing Ma Huateng to tell us how to make money in the end, when Ma Huateng was not like this

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