Gome shelling electricity supplier pseudo cheap price fraud into the industry called cancer

Gome shelling electricity supplier pseudo cheap price fraud into the industry called cancer

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Gome conference site, pictured Gome President Wang Junzhou

    Sina Francisco March 6th morning news, the upcoming "3-15", the United States held a news conference shelling electricity supplier site uses pseudo cheap means of marketing, said the so-called special offer, a lot of activity at actually than before the promotion of the real transaction price is high, the price of fraud has become the industry tumor.

electricity supplier price fraud four means

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the United States President Wang Junzhou opened the Jingdong at the scene said, such as the hood, they play out the original price 7767 yuan, one thousand yuan price sale. In fact, no stove hood this level may be sold to the price of more than 7 thousand, transaction records also show that they did not sell too early, one did not sell over 7767 this price, this is a typical electricity supplier fraud.

Li Juntao, senior vice president of the United States

to the presence of the media summed up the four common electricity supplier price deception. The first is that the above mentioned fictitious original price, in fact, this product should be sold at a discount price, the so-called original price does not exist, is the electricity supplier to mislead consumers.

second is a limited price. That is a small amount of cheap products as a gimmick, known as zero yuan, one yuan, zero yuan purchase, in fact, only two or three units sold, consumers simply can not buy.

third is the price of goods. That marked a very low price, indicating the spot when consumers buy goods, at the time when the user orders, but showed no goods, in fact, this means is to mislead consumers, lure them from other platforms.

fourth is the first price and then discount. That is, the legend of the legendary play eighty percent off, seventy percent off, but in fact, the price is up first, and then cut prices. In fact, these websites to educate consumers on the so-called discount price, the bottom price and the usual selling price is actually almost.

Li Juntao said that the current electricity supplier industry competitive environment need purification, healthy competition environment at least to do: a genuine and mainstream competition, commodities, and not with the brand-name, popular brand to make up the numbers. Two is not limited, do not engage in gimmicks, do not engage in flicker, dare to do anything to do promotional merchandise must be very abundant.

some of the lack of integrity of the operators often use the information asymmetry, to exaggerate the performance and effectiveness of manufacturing goods, promotional gimmick to mislead consumers, a serious infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers." Li Juntao said.

now there is a misconception that consumers believe that the United States and the United States than the United States, the price of electricity is low, and even lower prices online." He Yangqing, senior vice president of Gome, said: today I can be very responsible to say that most of our prices are actually lower than Jingdong. Because the price of Jingdong in the light, we can find that consumers into the stores to see the United States Jingdong high price than we can immediately cut prices. >

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