2001 2011 owners and other awards will be announced

2001 2011 owners and other awards will be announced

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sixth annual meeting of China’s Internet site

May 21st, sponsored by the company (Comsenz) and laggards (Im286) jointly hosted the sixth annual meeting of the 2011 China Internet Conference in Beijing International Convention Center successfully opened.

started as early as 6 points, it has come from all over the country have entered the station. It is expected that this year there will be more than 300 guests and over 3000 station arrived at the scene; Tencent CEO Ma Huateng, chief technology officer of Tencent Zhang Zhidong, Kang Sheng company president Dai Zhikang, Sequoia Capital Chinese partners dollars more, dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing, DCCI data center founder Hu Yanping, founding partner of innovation works, "entrepreneurs" President Wang Hua Niu Wenwen, founder of chapter Zhengjun, stationmaster net dozens of guests will be seated, and they will be the keynote address for the webmaster. At the same time, this event is also subject to nearly 100 network media and print media attention, live coverage of more than 200 reporters.


station will be the main venue for the "open" and "open and win-win", "open mind" and other three direction issues; in addition to the main meeting site, the general assembly also set up another "Internet products and services Exchange Salon" and "Chinese place and vertical community website forum two venue.

in addition, this event is also Discuz! And the ten anniversary of the laggards webmaster party, will be the scene will be announced "2001-2011 Internet ten years master entrepreneurs characters" and "China most influential local community website", "the most influential Chinese vertical community website" and a series of awards. In the afternoon, Kang Sheng, President Dai Zhikang and Tencent chief technology officer, will jointly release many webmaster look forward to Discuz! X2 excellent edition and Discuz.

this year will focus on opening Zhandexianji increasing trend towards grab "the theme of the conference, in-depth discussion in the current increasingly open Internet environment, to be in the first line of the Internet entrepreneurs, personal webmaster, faced with opportunities for development of open market, represent the general trend, how to adjust, how should adhere to what action? And what change? What should seize? Give up what

?A new era of

the entire Internet industry is rapidly into an innovative win-win, open platform business provides a new channel of communication, business model and massive customer source, entrepreneurs are facing the new space value doubled. Is the so-called "meet the general trend for smart, to snatch the initiative for the brave. For entrepreneurs and webmasters, now the key is no longer competitive, but open cooperation; should make the correct choice and judgment, immediate action, keep pace with the times, quick step into the win-win ecological chain open platform. This is also the hope that the webmaster will pass and advocate positive ideas.


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