All giants are 51 competitors position war has started

All giants are 51 competitors position war has started

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news background: a message, the data show that there are currently 79 independent websites in China, more than 80% of the independent community. However, about 50% of the revenue from the network community still comes from advertising, a single profit model. The survey also showed that 47% of the community site is expected to be less than $1000 in revenue in 2006, accounting for the proportion of the total income of the site of no less than $14.9%. It can be said that more than half of the community site is still not found profitable way. The other two news, May 9th news, the domestic SNS community website CEO Pang Shengdong for the first time to the science and technology NetEase confirmed that the company has received from Intel, Sequoia China funds totaling tens of millions of dollars of investment risk.

side is the industry’s indifference to Web2.0, on the other hand, like recently got a huge amount of venture capital, and then look at the international and domestic, community sites in the United States scenery, but the country has always been unable to make money. How to do in the community website in China to win the attention of venture capital, China’s community sites should be in what direction. NetEase science and technology sponsored by the southern IT salon 21 invited CEO Pang Shengdong to share the experience of doing community sites. The more Zhang Yunfan served as the general manager of the guest host.

the following is the main idea of the guests, interviews with Sharon overleaf.

"if you want to summarize the successful experience of words, I think it is a very important one, our team is very hard, staff turnover rate is very low, 06 years from now two hundred companies, turnover of more than three persons, all Internet Co have talent attraction."

whether it can win in the market, one important reason is your resources, including the ability to integrate resources, capital resources, itself includes these things, if these things are relatively poor, your ability to survive is relatively small."

first mover advantage is not very obvious, the enterprise competition is running on a highway, you are a bike, you say how much more than 70 minutes early, they are going to catch up with BMW."

I do not think too much emphasis on blue ocean, in fact, blue ocean is temporary. Especially the Internet, what you think is not

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