Did you drink five oranges today

Did you drink five oranges today

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recently, one called "how  much  sugar  is  in  your  drink" photo online crazy pass, these are all kinds of additives flavored beverage, once again sounded the alarm to people’s health. At the same time, freshly squeezed fruit juice quietly coming, such as springing up. Although the price is higher than ordinary drinks you several times, but still popular market.

in Hefei pedestrian street, Wanda Plaza, the heart of the city, bustling commercial district, Fresh Juice is open competition. The staff will be the fruit on the table from a superb collection of beautiful things, let consumers see feel fresh, appetite.

this weekend, the reporters came to the heart of the city, about the experience of five oranges on the tall "". Put the money into the machine will automatically peel 5 oranges, after 45 seconds to drink a glass of fresh orange juice.

subsequently, the reporter saw at the mall a Fresh Juice store, watermelon, lemon, pineapple and other fresh fruit juice drink can, the price of 10 yuan -20 yuan. Although a little expensive, but did not stop the pace of young people. Expensive on your point, look at the fresh fruit is done, drink at ease." A girl said.

How many

"Fresh Juice open shop, do not need what difficult skills, and find their own artificial storefront, the key is how the ratio of fruit, fruit storage." How pricing the reporter made a cup of Fresh Juice, how much cost? She gave reporters just t account, a glass of mango and pitaya Fresh Juice, 400 ml, selling price 15 yuan, the cost of raw materials as long as 3 yuan -5 yuan.

More than

"in the beginning do not know the amount of fruit, to waste one or two every day." A pedestrian street Fresh Juice shop owner Liu said, because the store in the bustling business district, so pre renovation, rent, equipment, labor, total investment of more than 80 thousand.

"although the profits every month there is a few thousand dollars, but now fresh juice and popular, I believe the future income will rise." He believes that some fresh fruit juice shop pricing is high, mainly because of the store rent expensive.

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