Business may complement each other with the surrounding shops

Business may complement each other with the surrounding shops

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now no matter where to set up shop to do business, almost will not be a separate shop, the surrounding natural will have other shops. And how to get along with these shops around, and even help each other, which has become a lot of shopkeepers are concerned about the problem, but also become a retail household who need to think about the problem.

a cold autumn rain in summer, when the shop outside the busy stalls put the Buddha by cold north wind "abducted", the business also will return to normal. The transfer of a restaurant next door, was a fruit to take over, which makes my mood is worse. Because the original restaurant can bring me a little business, as long as there is a restaurant I will be able to follow the sale of some wine, and now replaced by a sell fruit, my business will not be reduced?

across the street, the restaurant is also a transfer, a new home to do noodles for breakfast. Because close to a few windows are doing dinner, this area is very small in the morning, so breakfast business is very bad. Maybe there is an expert advice, then have to sell noodles around the selling steamed buns, sell, sell, Rice porridge soup sold also to the Deep-Fried Dough Sticks Soybean Milk. As a result, about Xiangyang people often eat breakfast food, and gradually sell noodles business is getting better and better, there are many diners across the road to my shop to buy milk drinks, this change makes me very happy.

"to buy a milk bar, just some fruit to feel too……" Listen to someone outside the shop, I quickly looked up, it was just out of the next door to the fruit shop out of two people, it seems to buy gifts to visit relatives and friends. "What kind of milk do you need? Come in and have a look!" I smile and say hello.

after deliberation, two customers not only to a milk, but also bought two Yellow Crane Tower (hard blessing), please pay to leave. After the guests left, I was wondering in my mind, the fruit shop next door can also bring me business. The fruit shop and my grocery store are complementary in commodities, in the operation of each field, the two sides jointly attract more customers. Breakfast like on the opposite side of the same, only when it is a bad business, goods will be leveraging each other cross up scenes, with rich business together.

most of the time, we look like unbelievable adjacent shops, but also for our own shop to bring more popular business. Good mood is good business, good mood better business. "Spring is not thriving, All flowers bloom together. Spring Garden", as long as there is business, even outside the wind whistling, heart is still warm.

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