Shanxi Province the first overseas venture forum held in

Shanxi Province the first overseas venture forum held in

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returned as a very special social group, in recent years has been the concern of the community, now in China has introduced some measures and policies to help entrepreneurs entrepreneurial activities, recently, the first Shanxi Forum on overseas business like a raging fire.

8 29 April, sponsored by Shanxi Province, the first overseas business forum held in Taiyuan Tsinghua Science Park by the Federation of the United Front Work Department, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, returned overseas chinese. Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the provincial Party committee Xia Zhengui, provincial human resources and Social Security Bureau deputy director Zhang Qiguang, the Provincial Federation vice chairman fan Anlong and relevant departments in charge of the scene, introduces the related policy of our province returnees, encourage returnees entrepreneurship, to play their own advantages. Provincial Overseas Talent Service Center and other related centers, associations, associations and many returnees who attended the scene.

"foreign country, business of shanxi". Xia Zhengui hope that the majority of returnees to take this opportunity to play their own advantages, while contributing to social development.

is actually a returnee such activity was also carried out in order to attract some of the returnees have the ability of people to return home business, and promote the social entrepreneurship, solve some social problems of employment.


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