To stop the money into a successful business taboo

To stop the money into a successful business taboo

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a lot of people may start just to make money, then it is difficult to become bigger and stronger industry, once the impact of the easy to choose the failure. In fact, many people are more entrepreneurial pursuit of dreams and ideals of their own, so we can say that "money to stop" is a successful business taboo!

"once a business, your life has changed, life changed human life trajectory. Life is not so easily not easily go to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship because, you are not your own." In September 20th, was known as the "estate thinker" Wantong investment Cmi Holdings Ltd chairman Feng Lun, China Europe International Business School in a church speaker "CEIBS entrepreneurship leader camp open class".

and in his interpretation, "particularly interesting details".

"to avoid venture money stop

autumn, "Dong" busy thing is specially designed a menu – all with autumn autumn ingredients, poetic, reference, with a good environment, on the one hand to strengthen the understanding of the autumn, also found in civilian life as a kind of feeling and the realm of the mid autumn festival. Unlike other food and beverage entrepreneurs in the restaurant focus on decoration, Dong Dong is more focused on the creation of artistic conception.

Feng Lun also "line" real estate example to further explain: real estate also has a lot of ways, one is borrowing, to copy the next; one is proposed to create value space. "The real estate business is a business, not a plane business, is to create a sense of space with the modern architectural technology, in the space of people inside the good life, business, study, office etc.. What you can see is the physical level, look a little further, see the birth of space

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