Ten Beijing pizza restaurants

Ten Beijing pizza restaurants

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pizza is a Italy cuisine, introduced in China, because of its unique taste to win the majority of consumers. Our capital is the capital of the gathering place, can be described as all kinds of food, pizza shop, let alone, this time, let me take you to know the best 10 Beijing pizza restaurant

, an Italian pizza Griddle Cake as thin as paper of the Royal Pizza

Deep dish pizza simulatrix

compared with American pizza, Italy is famous for its crispy bread. In addition, the use of fresh tomato sauce, olive, mozzarella cheese, basil Ma Su, Italy pizza is the traditional essential characteristics.

Italian pizza Griddle Cake story

Italy delicacy pay attention to keep the food authentic, often directly use raw materials without too much taste seasoning effects. This also affects Italian pizza. Fresh tomato sauce, olive and basil is a common Italian pizza pizza ingredients, the biggest characteristic is thin and brittle, which in the local was originally known as the Royal Pizza, only rich people enjoy snacks. In order to make the cake in roll, crackers, requires very high technology, if increased by one point, will not be able to achieve the effect of water; if it is easy to cut, broken baked. Although very crackers, Italian pizza can be rolled up to eat. And can roll it up without breaking, also became a judge whether the standard of authentic pizza crackers.

La Cascina Kasiqina Italian restaurant

karth Chena Italian restaurant CTS apartment is a low-key and luxurious palace style restaurant, mainly to provide Italy delicacy meal. Here’s the thinnest Italy pizza in Beijing, and diners are describing their pizza as "thinner than paper."". Because the selection of fine, including cheese, flour and other ingredients are imported from abroad, thus ensuring the quality of the tunnel. Palace style luxury dining environment is lovers favorite, a decorative wall painting, crystal lamp and mirror bright light, dark blue velvet count chair is comfortable and soft, mosaic tiles, creating a strong retro style. No wonder, here was named the 2009 best couple dating Top10 restaurant".

buffalo milk cheese pizza alley authentic Italy

is located in the alley of Chinese architecture, and the fish tank pomegranate tree canopy Chinese style Hutong pizza, many people praise the Beijing produced the most authentic pizza, really wonderful combination.


alcohol kindness

pure cheese is the soul of pizza, for any type of pizza is true, and authentic Naples pizza requirements are more stringent – >

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