Anhui to science and technology as a breakthrough in the economic situation steady for the better

Anhui to science and technology as a breakthrough in the economic situation steady for the better

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Anhui is not a coastal city in our country, but the momentum of economic development is still very good, because it is close to Shanghai, Jiangsu and other developed cities, while actively adhere to the breakthrough of science and technology for development. Nearly 4 years two won the first prize of the National Natural Science Award, invention patents increased by 4.5 times, the first increase in the country, the number of high-tech enterprises to expand 2.3 times, rose to eighth in the country, the progress of science and technology contribution to economic growth rate reached 55%, becoming the main engine.

reporters in Anhui investigation learned that the province with science and technology as the leading comprehensive breakthrough innovation, the economic structure has changed the traditional agriculture and coal, steel and other resource-based industries, realize the transformation from "big agricultural province" to "big province" role, the economic situation is stable to good, break a the Western "science and technology innovation to promote the new road rise".

to do a strong supply of science and technology: unique originality to shape the new Anhui core competitiveness

in August this year, the world’s first quantum communication satellites launched in China, the research of quantum international breakthrough core technology from the University of Science & Technology China in the Pan Jianwei team, they also won the 2015 annual National Natural Science award.

2013, University of Science and Technology of China scholars such as Chen Xianhui, the great discovery "iron-based superconducting aspirations had been vacant for 3 years the National Natural Science Award, the annual world top ten scientific and technological progress and selected the British" nature "magazine"".

quantum communication, iron-based superconductor, artificial sun"…… In recent years, Anhui is located in the central part of the emergence of a number of national and even the world’s leading scientific research results. These "unique original" Anhui "for the original innovation, development of new industries, out of thin air" "upgrading" to boost the traditional industry Everfount provides intellectual support.

quantum information is considered as a key technology in the next generation of IT industry, the two companies in the domestic front shield asky Quantum Quantum, are born in Anhui. IFLYTEK repeatedly won the international speech contest, becoming one of the high market value of software enterprises.

"in the past, we often say Anhui has labor resources, natural resources and other advantages, now with the traditional advantages of weakening, to foster the development of new energy, to enhance the core competitiveness, we must rely more on creating new advantages of innovation." The main leaders of Anhui provincial Party committee.

The country’s first 8.5 generation

research, the world’s first 10.5 generation LCD panel production line, Anhui became the largest new material base. Annual output of more than 2 thousand and 200 industrial robots, ranking the forefront of the country. Notebook computer production of nearly 14 million units, each of the world’s 10 Taichung has 1 units are made in Anhui".

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