How do retailers do not forget the heart

How do retailers do not forget the heart

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if you are a boss, do you remember what you did when you started your own business? I think a lot of people may have no longer remember that many retail households is so. As a retailer, experience all kinds of taste in the business on the road sour, sweet, bitter, hot kankankeke always encounter all sorts of bad thing, or all the problems in business, make people confused in mind, sometimes there is a want to give up the idea. But think back to their years of hard work have suddenly come to the results and some are not willing to give up that feeling, after all, need to change it all again is not an easy thing.

however, looking back the original purpose is to have a shelter, unregulated free work, in the work to achieve the ideal spiritual life and material life, and will be playing the indomitable spirit to overcome difficulties, keep not forget to early heart, before continuing into the mentality of their business shop. So, we encountered in the operation of what worries? How did you overcome it? Here to look at the aspirations of the following retail households!

Retailer: Li Xuemei

I have been in the shop for 15 years. Before I set up shop in Zhejiang, thousands of miles away, in order to live a happy life, I worked hard for 8 years outside. Looking back at the past working life visible before the eyes. Work in a factory that is restricted by time, two superior department leaders face, do a little to deduct wages and bonuses are not in place, the past cannot bear to think of the past.

originally I was a very strong self-esteem, people do not want to see the face, but also can not stand the strict rules and regulations of the factory. In order to realize their dreams, I have wronged themselves, patience at good for the boss so hard, has been leading the praise, but also increase the wages of more and more. Later, I have some savings, family conditions are getting better and better, I will give up on the outside of life, began to run a smoke hotel.

Since the

after the shop, I will stick to every three feet of counter enthusiasm for customer service, never willing to shut the shop one day go out to play, or even go home to eat a meal is in a hurry, no time to accompany the parents to chat. Long time stay in the store, sometimes encounter difficult customers or business problems, really feel very depressed, I want to go out to travel immediately turn off the door release irritable mood.

but I often think about the shop before working in the factory that the control situation, they think of their own stores in the last ten years, the sour, sweet, bitter, hot my heart have mixed feelings. Although the operation of the shop is also bound, can not be free to go where they want to go, but more than ten years of hard work I have harvested a lot of wealth. In contrast, our own shop is better than others in the hands of a lot of work, and not subject to the control of others, the harvest of wealth than work

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