How to choose the mode of operation

How to choose the mode of operation

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tobacco can be said to be a very large profit industry, perhaps it is realized in the industry of wealth, many people will choose to open the cigarette and liquor vendor business. With the further intensification of the terminal competition, more and more attention has been paid to the meticulous operation in many enterprises. In the past, the last part of the terminal classification of smoke in the hotel has become the focus of many business competition. But how many, the number of cigarette and liquor vendor selection, how to effectively uneven in quality, the distribution of their business strength, has become the concern of the enterprise.

different products have different ways to choose the store, this paper for the various types of products and the different grades, and put forward some relatively simple shop ideas for everyone to communicate and discuss.

, a perfect match

A simple screening method of

Mendanghudui belongs to a cigarette and liquor vendor operation, is to choose suitable cigarette and liquor vendor liquor quality. Famous brand and high-end liquor to choose the decoration and the location is good famous smoke shop, in the low-end liquor selection of mid-range cigarette and liquor vendor and convenience stores. This can directly face your direct customer base, to facilitate your sales.

hotel name cigarettes were well-known brands more, can be very good to improve your brand image. But when the hotel name cigarettes were certain to avoid a mistake, this is don’t let your products become a foil. Therefore, we must make good use of terminal resources, make your products show a "great lady" style, so as to be more conducive to product sales.

as a medium and low brand, select the smoke when the hotel must pay attention to the location does not look at the scale. The effect of re display, do not look at the number of display. Because a lot of good sales of cigarette and liquor vendor are not necessarily those terminal larger, possibly even some corner of the cigarette and liquor vendor is a tin shed. And in the face of these stores, the location and layout of the display there are a lot of skills, and how to allow consumers to quickly pay attention to your products, not necessarily a lot of display on behalf of the display effect is good. With the least number of the best visual effects, often can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

two, by boat to sea

food or beverage sales channels is a major channel, but the cost of expensive terminals and labor costs tend to discourage many companies. However, if the clever use of smoke Hotel layout, the same can be achieved good results.

each city has one or a few of the more famous gourmet street, which is the local characteristics of the hotel where the most concentrated. These hotels tend to be the focus of many enterprises, although the hotel competition in full swing. Cigarette and liquor vendor is also outside the hotel battlefield, especially with the popularity and around the protection of the rights and interests of consumers bring their own drinks to improve the rate, near the cigarette and liquor vendor will also be competing for the wolf recommended

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