Nanchang will become the new generation of entrepreneurs paradise

Nanchang will become the new generation of entrepreneurs paradise

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is now the younger generation of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the past the biggest difference is that, they have a more open vision, can adapt to the current development trend of innovation and entrepreneurship, to make the most beneficial to their choice.

is a college student in Jiangxi Shen Huang pioneer school of software, and is also a member of Nanchang’s force in entrepreneurship. Unlike others, he is not only a hit off, but also opened a coffee shop, a lot of customers hit a cup of entrepreneurial coffee". As the province’s first "innovative incubator", where Nanchang has become the entrepreneurs under the line "office", Shen Huang and Nanchang buddies waiting for their fists chance here.

A phoenix nest

grassroots Small and micro businesses grow into "little giant"

2014 in August, Huang Shen see "garage coffee" of the new business model in Beijing practice, deeply touched. After returning to Nanchang, he will work with the other 7 people created a pioneer Angel coffee Internet business incubator platform, we are both ‘create a’, but also a platform for the other to create a customer service." Huang Shen to his Cafe this definition.

2014 at the end of the year, entrepreneur Wang Dongdong took his fledgling venture to Shen Huang Cafe here, he completed from the start to the success of the gorgeous turn. Not only did he get the opportunity to enter the pioneer e-commerce Industrial Park, investors also invested 30 million yuan for his project. Today, Wang Dongdong’s monthly turnover can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, last year has been successfully listed, and has its own patent. Over the past five years, starting from the entrepreneurial awareness, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial environment in Nanchang, and constantly improve the entrepreneurial services, encourage and support a large number of college students and urban and rural workers to start a successful business.

2012 was praised by the State Council as the first batch of "national advanced city in Nanchang". June 2015, the city of Nanchang was selected the first batch of small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial base demonstration city, from the beginning of 2015 for three consecutive years, the annual central government funds to support special funds of $300 million. Under this background, Nanchang made Small and micro businesses entrepreneurship and innovation base city demonstration three year goal: employment Small and micro businesses three years cumulative growth of 30%; Small and micro businesses operating income growth of 33%; Small and micro businesses technology contract turnover growth of 48%, Small and micro businesses authorized by the patent recommended

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