A modern version of Zhongyong child prodigy into the Chinese Academy of Sciences was discouraging

A modern version of Zhongyong child prodigy into the Chinese Academy of Sciences was discouraging

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"injury Zhong Yong" story I believe we all know that the child’s future depends not only on talent, but also the need for a good education. In modern times, has staged such a thing, "child prodigy" into the Chinese Academy of Sciences was discouraging, mother earnestly: can not wait for you to die!

1983 in June, Wei Yongkang was born in Huarong County of Hunan Province, because the mother Ceng Xuemei had the good education, from the age of two, Wei Yongkang was called the "child prodigy". Two master more than 1 thousand Chinese characters at the age of four, basically finished junior high school classes, eight years into the county of key middle school, at the age of 13 with a high score was admitted to the Xiangtan University at the age of 17 he was admitted to the Department of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of high energy physics, shuoboliandu.

2003, Wei Yongkang persuaded by the school, the mother of Ceng Xuemei came to Beijing ablaze with anger. "I didn’t want him to die." Ceng Xuemei pointed to the Chinese Academy of Sciences building, let the son jump, "such a good condition not good, you go to die!"

"prodigy" son

– on the cold cement floor, 1 year old 3 month old Wei Yongkang wrote seventy or eighty different words.

what makes a mother speak the language so unfeeling? The story should begin from the winter of 1984.

1984 in December, the weather in Hunan is increasingly cold, Huarong County under the first snow after the winter. In order to take the child, 31 year old, who has been at the age of 6 months old, Wei Yongkang, brought to their own unit catering company, especially cold that day, the catering company basically no guests."

when almost all employees are bored, they found only 1 year old Ceng Xuemei around Yongkang. "Can you write?" an employee teased Wei Yongkang, who was not yet able to walk. Wei Yongkang, who was crawling on the ground, nodded his head.

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