Small business opportunities burning huge wealth Custom pet clothing

Small business opportunities burning huge wealth Custom pet clothing

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with the improvement of living standards, people began to find some pets for their own, and they love to add. After the expansion of the pet market, to promote the development of the pet apparel market, small business opportunities to burn out a huge wealth, we quickly learn about it!

if to relatives or friends house, you are greeted by a wearing fashionable dress novelty dog, you are suddenly not good mood, will be very happy to caress him up. In recent years, willing to spend more in the pet pet pet mom and dad to wear, often seen wearing fancy clothes and accessories cats or dogs on the street, and with the desire for pet shows the character of the 80 after 90 age, the purchasing power will be further enhanced, further develop the pet apparel market.

according to a set of data of Dalian dog office announced that as of November last year, the city’s total of 230 thousand various types of dogs, which have registered more than 16 only, if including cats and birds and other pets, consumption will be very large, and the annual growth rate of nearly 10%. One often to pet wear clothing consumers accounted for nearly 30%, while there are ideas or tend to give consumers more than 70% pet grooming, pet clothing more than half to buy more than one to buy pet clothing consumers.

"our home is a small dog, but small dog clothing is not much cheaper than large dogs." One consumer said, I gave my dog to buy a raincoat in summer, 30 yuan or so; winter has winter clothes for the winter, the cheapest one is about $40, the 3 is 120 yuan." The consumer said.

A pet shop

"I love to wear a dress strange dog." Another consumer says, "like a pet fan on the Internet."

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