Shunyi to spend 100 million yuan to build entrepreneurial cradle

Shunyi to spend 100 million yuan to build entrepreneurial cradle

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now the whole society is undergoing a transition, in such a period, entrepreneurship is pushed to the desktop, in Shunyi, recently launched a new policy, the establishment of special funds to create entrepreneurial cradle, by entrepreneurs welcome.

is experiencing the transformation of Shunyi, yesterday announced a new "big action". Yesterday morning, Shunyi District "pioneering cradle" plan to start, every year will set up special funds to support 100 million yuan, to support the development of entrepreneurial talents into the area, business base, business services and business environment, to create the best "pioneering cradle and sophisticated industrial habitat.

which, in attracting talents, for high-end talent, entrepreneurial talent and other social entrepreneurship and other three categories of personnel started to give financial support, funds to support the development of high-end talent, meet the conditions can get 300 thousand yuan of funds to support entrepreneurial projects in start-up stage.

in fact build some entrepreneurial cradle for many people’s entrepreneurial activities is very helpful, at the same time, some make the cradle of social entrepreneurship also strengthened many entrepreneurs entrepreneurial confidence, create a good social environment for their business.


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