Zhengzhou second hand housing suddenly suffering from intestinal obstruction

Zhengzhou second hand housing suddenly suffering from intestinal obstruction

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with the introduction of this year to the inventory target, not only the new house in the market has a good sales, second-hand housing has also been the focus of everyone’s attention, but the second-hand housing in Zhengzhou daily problems. Zhengzhou second-hand housing transactions for half a month ago suffering from sudden obstruction, almost to a standstill, although after the municipal government formulated "first accepted by the housing, the housing sector, after the land two departments’ transfer ‘materials", but the reporter yesterday afternoon again to the real estate registration department interview, still found a lot of problems.

at present, municipal housing, land department has received two "media interview", but according to informed sources, after being criticized for second-hand housing transactions in the current process last step "indefinitely stuck" is still not changed.

toss nearly 20 times is still not completed, tedious process forced public


help check it, I have been running fast twenty times, really fast forced crazy." Yesterday afternoon, the real estate registration center in Zhengzhou, the public Ms. Qin a nose to the staff to tell their own experiences.

from May of this year, she began to deal with second-hand housing transactions, has been in the Housing Authority, Land Bureau and real estate registration centers and other units between the rush of nearly 20 times. Yesterday afternoon, she learned that their materials have been transferred from the housing authority to the real estate registration department began to flow, and then came to the real estate registration center for enquiries.

"although the real estate registration center said that the phone will be notified, but I really can not let go, do not rush to spend money who will sell the house?" Ms. Qin said, near 5:30 in the afternoon, she finally informed of their material yesterday has reached the real estate registration department, hurried downstairs for arranging follow-up procedures, the frustration is the hall has to work.

, "it’s gone again today. I don’t know how many times I have to run." Ms. Qin said.

according to the reporter, as of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Zhengzhou real estate registration agencies received a total of 2236 materials circulation. But this number for the city of Zhengzhou after the "obstruction" and the backlog of material "only head".

in the face of this situation, Ms. Qin said: "they do not need to help me do it myself off? I’m worried!"

11 volume back volumes of materials and then questioned the current Zhengzhou second-hand housing transaction process

yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned that, in the Zhengzhou City Housing Authority, the transfer of real estate registration department of the material, there are 11 volumes of material due to land problems and was returned.

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