How to buy a dry cleaning machine

How to buy a dry cleaning machine

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as essential equipment of dry cleaners, dry cleaning machine shopping has become plagued by a troubled many investors, because they do not know yo study which factors do not know what kind of dry cleaning machine is good. So, how do you want to buy a dry cleaner?

experts suggest that if you want to dry as a long-term investment, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive consideration at the time of purchase. It is reported that the Beijing washing industry management norms clearly states: Beijing is no longer approved the use of open type four vinyl chloride dry cleaning machine to open a new laundry business. The existing 40% open type, at the end of this year, Beijing will stop all. Therefore, for those who are particularly low price cleaners, entrepreneurs must keep their eyes open, in order to prevent the product has been eliminated or will be restricted. Entrepreneurs in the purchase of dry cleaning machine should be invited professionals to identify:

one is not only pay attention to appearance. Some manufacturers are working on the appearance of dry cleaning machine. Equipment is more important to explore the intrinsic quality and performance.

two is to look at the selection of materials and components. Some of the key components of contact four vinyl chloride, should be stainless steel material, which can effectively prevent dry cleaning machine rust. Some of the poor quality of the machine using ordinary carbon steel, only to do a simple brush paint treatment, the use of a year of corrosion and rust, can no longer be used. Some of the structural support of four vinyl chloride, should be used more than 2.5 mm thick high-quality ordinary steel, and the internal glass fiber reinforced high efficiency corrosion treatment. Some manufacturers only use 1 mm stainless steel sheet as a support material, it is easy to make the machine because of severe vibration and damage, and the weld is easy to corrosion, rust.

three is to look at the dry cleaning machine mechanical refrigeration parts, pressure control components, electrical components, motors, inverters, whether the use of the brand or imported brand products.

four is to compare the energy efficiency of similar machines, in order to reduce the cost of operating expenses.

five is as far as possible the use of large manufacturers or brand-name manufacturers of dry cleaning equipment, because such products in terms of quality, after-sales service is relatively more secure.

if you opened a dry cleaning shop, but did not have to wash clothes dry cleaners, which will undoubtedly be a big joke for the operation of the store. But how to buy a dry cleaning machine, and now it has become a big problem for many investors. So, there is a small series of above introduction, if you just open a dry cleaners, know how to buy a dry cleaning machine?

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