Cutter ten brand list

Cutter ten brand list

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in a variety of office supplies, paper cutting machine use frequency is very high, if you want the machine to play a better role, also need to choose a more secure quality of machine products. Then, a small series of paper cutting machine introduce ten brands list, now if you have a paper cutting machine product demand, whether or not know which to choose a good product?

cutter ten brands list NO.1, Paula Heidelberg Chinese Co. Ltd.:

brand from Germany, one of the world’s largest producer of complete sets of printing equipment, printing media industry’s leading solution provider, Heidelberg China Co., ltd..

cutter ten brands list NO.2, Feida Shanghai shenweida Machinery Co. Ltd:

In 1917

, Shanghai brand-name products, high-tech enterprises, one of the world famous cutting machinery manufacturers, industry leading brands, Shanghai shenweida Machinery Co. ltd..

cutter ten brands list NO.3, Changchun – Changchun printing machinery limited liability company:

Jilin province famous trademarks, brand-name products in Jilin Province, one of the national printing industry key enterprises, ten cutter brand, Changchun printing machinery limited liability company.

cutter ten brands list NO.4, kukmang, kukmang Machinery Group Co. Ltd:

China professional manufacturing Postpress equipment manufacturers, set the development, design, production, sales and service as one of the private enterprises, kukmang Machinery Group Co Ltd.

cutter ten brands list NO.5, Paul – Zhejiang Paul Printing Machinery Co., Ltd:

is a national high-tech enterprises, printing machinery industry standard drafting unit, the domestic cutter technology leading enterprises, well-known brand, Zhejiang Paul printing machinery co..

cutter ten brands list NO.6, Litong – Deyang City Litong Printing Machinery Co., Ltd:

is a famous brand in Sichuan Province, has nearly fifty years of mechanical design and manufacturing history, professional production of high-grade paper cutting machine company, Deyang Litong Printing Machinery Co., ltd..

cutter ten brands list NO.7, Dai Wenzhou taii Printing Machinery Co., Ltd:

1993, Sino French joint venture, China Printing Industry >

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