Shop operating five mistakes

Shop operating five mistakes

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any success is probably the result of our continuous efforts to do business is even more so, after all, the current market competition is so fierce. The old saying: "Efficiency comes from diligence. shortage in the play". Success must pay more, no hard work to pay success will not come to your head. Every boss wants to make money to do business, to make the business bigger, but in the brutal market competition situation, business is more and more difficult to do.

the world of martial arts, but not fast breaking, the world is difficult, only afraid of the heart ", as long as the boss of careful management, learning, summing up the experience, believe you, money is not difficult. The following Xiaobian to take you to sum up, shop operating 5 major errors, just one.

one, do not analyze, blindly into the

a lot of people decided to do business, and would like to start all of a sudden, rent space, purchase, opening are very busy. Time is a good thing, but there is no analysis, no plan is this. Business is small but their own efforts, is the need to invest money and energy, so it is necessary to do some basic analysis before the store opened.

do not say much, at least to answer a few questions: where to do? What price? Do you style, price and the business district is consistent? What do you want to do? Why do customers want to choose you, if the answer to these basic questions are not clear, Xiao Bian think it is best to go to the market to look at the market to understand competitors. There is an old saying "the enemy".

reason is very simple: what to sing on the hillside. You can not sell high-grade goods in the low-grade area, because there are low-cost consumers to go; otherwise.

two, do not look at the market it hard

now is not the seller’s market era, you will sell what people want to sell what can be sold out, although we all know this truth, but things always forget. Many just began to do the boss to wholesalers purchase only choose love, but do not have a basic plan for their own business to the goods, the back pin does not move also blame the guests do not know what.

customer recognition is a good thing, their favorite guests do not necessarily like, we have to study the preferences of the guests rather than the boss himself. There is a saying that "does not require the best quality products, but sales must be the best."

so, when the purchase, we do not put a lot of pressure on a single product, but should take more products to see the market reaction, the sale of a good multi complement, not on the shelf or sell off.

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