Wang Sicong suggested that just graduated from college students do not rush to start a business

Wang Sicong suggested that just graduated from college students do not rush to start a business

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in the current national entrepreneurship policy, for the newly graduated students are naturally encouraged entrepreneurship. However, as the people of the country, but not the husband Wang Sicong think, he even suggested that just graduated college students can not rush to start a business oh.


, I believe we have heard such a message, China’s richest man Wang Jianlin to his son, 500 million yuan for entrepreneurship in the city of Wang Sicong. In 2009, private Holdings Company MIPS investment registered holding by Wang Sicong in 100%, the first phase investment of 500 million yuan.

is said that this is the son of Wang Jianlin for the failure of the 20 time, the 500 million yuan of funds, can not do it, obediently back to Wanda work. Wang Sicong with these 500 million investment in a number of companies, including 5 companies have IPO, their own value has turned several times, up to 4 billion.

is that true?

days ago, national husband Wang Sicong produced in their own variety show "Hello! The rumor goddess "said:" the site selection is to give me 5 million, 10 million support one, I encourage entrepreneurship".

in addition, Wang Sicong also talked about business. This "old driver" start on the road to university graduates have accumulated experience and entrepreneurship, "now many universities are in that business, but to yourself do not want to get up early to do not want to excuse. Entrepreneurship itself is a very difficult road, but because there are some VCs help, now the cost of entrepreneurship is very low".

Wang Sicong believes that many young people do not have the ability to start more than and 20 years of age, it is recommended that graduates should exercise their own.

of course, college students in the end should not start a business, or the need to determine the combination of personal circumstances. Although the experience of the former is valuable, but it is not applicable to everyone, then, if you are a newly graduated college students, you will choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship?

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