Restaurant started a creative battle

Restaurant started a creative battle

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is now the pressure of competition in the food and beverage industry, no matter what kind of business if you do not own the characteristics of the brand, the business is difficult to do a good job.

features, in order to now this market talent shows itself to join the project features a restaurant, nostalgic victory, fully illustrates this point, affected by the introduction of a number of franchisees and delicacy enthusiasts of all ages, is one of the most profitable franchise project. Changes in the way people live in urban areas, the emergence of the city can not explain the problem. 24 hours of nostalgia restaurant caters to the modern people at night leisure consumption of this new way of life, all day long, white-collar workers, lovers are the main source of nostalgia for the restaurant for 24 hours.

nostalgic restaurant to join

investment analysis:

nostalgic restaurant address should be in residential areas or along the road, the initial investment of 60 thousand yuan. Highlight the main points in investment.

the first point, the time is long, 24 hours a day, customers can enjoy the service at any time.

second, which is the unique cultural connotation, mainly highlight the "nostalgia" of the word, the store can be small, the best part of the kitchen is about 200 square meters, 50 square meters, 150 square meters of the restaurant. Nostalgic restaurant decoration style, as a specific language and culture, which is different from the luxury hotel, no personality is different from the general social restaurant, the main highlight of "nostalgia" word.

can go to the antique market to collect some customs reflect the old black and white photographs, old city street map, old player, music, clock, the old straw hat, old bag, porcelain, badges and so on the cultural revolution, the decoration in the dining room, the unique character of old objects, easily won the customers good sense.

also significantly nostalgia culture language, at a glance, the catering properties, outstanding personality, very attractive. The restaurant dining chairs also do not need to buy new, can be based on a variety of retro style self, such as highlighting the old Shanghai style bar, decorative 1-2 bar, such as outstanding youth style, find some bark, bamboo decorative.

hangs up an old certificate, a printed "vast play" straw hat, an embroidered star protection bag, hang some crops. In order to highlight the folk customs, also can decorate some red wooden square, endless water, stone, paper cutting and so on, you can save part of the cost of decoration.

Market Outlook:

As a concept of marketing, emotional marketing of

has been accepted by more and more operators, and it has become a beautiful landscape in today’s marketing. So called

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