So open smoke hotel profits earned

So open smoke hotel profits earned

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tobacco market is very hot, a lot of friends want to do the tobacco business. So, how can we open a more lucrative smoke Hotel? What do you need for a smoke Hotel? The opening of the hotel is indeed very profitable  , but not everyone can make money. Open a smoke hotel can earn hundreds of thousands of months, reality? I know that’s what happened. A good relationship, the relationship between the network to do a great job, the quality of the product is not, it is absolutely no problem. Now Xiaobian to introduce the smoke to pay attention to what issues.

1, the showcase supplier must choose a good reputation, a cigarette and liquor vendor’s image and display quality is directly related to the operation of the store. If guests come shopping that store showcase rickety impression is not good, even their own store image is not guaranteed, how to make people believe that can guarantee the quality of tobacco?

2, tobacco is a state monopoly, must be purchased from the tobacco bureau, but also need to apply for Tobacco Monopoly card, or even if it is true, the same in accordance with the license to operate all confiscated!

3, the agent system is generally, if there is money, you can directly contact the manufacturers agent brand, there is no money, then directly from the agency to take goods.

4, a reasonable distribution links and processes, the distribution of the various distribution nodes in the integrated management, set up a reasonable inventory and other issues.

5, want to do better than three, and now the market competition is fierce, the natural supply channels are more like the fruit stall, fruits are almost the same, then let’s go to the price of the cheapest stalls to buy.

6, the service is the key, for example, you want to give the supplier to a certain number of goods tomorrow must be delivered to the person to be sent to each other 35 days, it would rather choose a high price of service providers.

7, to understand the surrounding shopping district and the surrounding consumer groups consumption level of   to choose the grade of goods you sell   is the low-end or high-end easier to operate.

8, cigarette and liquor vendor require strong financial backing will encounter various difficulties in the process of entrepreneurship, we should use what kind of attitude to face the current encounter these problems, another one to analyze it, solve it, finally is to summarize the problems we encounter, is the summary of some experience in shop on the Road, which requires some patience. Some people in the face of difficulties when it is difficult to retreat, retreat, because it is really successful people will be less! So we have the ability to solve, so that they can be useful in different environments.

Tobacco and big profits, this is an indisputable fact, open a cigarette and liquor vendor is to make money, the key is to find the way. These 8 points are very practical smoke hotel management skills, this operation, do not want to make money is difficult! A cigarette and liquor vendor must, choose a good reputation of the supplier, a cigarette and liquor vendor’s image and recommended

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