Beijing Shunyi to sophisticated development of transformation and upgrading

Beijing Shunyi to sophisticated development of transformation and upgrading

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in this era, no progress will be eliminated. And now the fastest development of the train is to train a number of innovative entrepreneurship. Beijing, Shunyi District in the new era is seeking transformation and upgrading opportunities, the integration of various industries, improve innovation and creativity, in order to solve the contradictions in the past performance.

integration: 13 Synthesis Park 3 plate

"as in project negotiation process, each business unit in the district for the project settled in this area, the formation of bad competition. For the original can not meet the quality requirements of the project, but in terms of preferential policies, land area and so on too much, resulting in the loss of Shunyi District’s economy and resources." Hao Lijie, deputy director of the Investment Promotion Bureau said.

in order to adjust these deficiencies, Shunyi carried out a large area of integrated industrial park. "Focus on high-quality resources, gather and integrate resources to play the overall effect. 13 industrial parks synthesis 3 plates: the first one is formed around the airport airport service sector; second is the manufacturing sector in the automobile manufacturing as the leading high-end; the third is the eastern and Northern green ecological plate." Lan Xiongjing, deputy director of the Commission by letter said.

this integration is not a simple superposition together. After integration, Shunyi District through the standard factory custom, business incubator Park, holding property, land flexible transfer, land leasing and other ways to introduce the project to enjoy long-term investment income. Support functional areas for high technology content, good market prospects for major industrial projects to participate in equity or equity cooperation, while sharing the contribution of fiscal and taxation, the formation of long-term capital gains.

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"industrial space is not unlimited, with high-end elements will be low-end recommended

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