How to order a shop

How to order a shop

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garment industry is now a popular industry, at the same time throughout the year, regardless of seasons, clothing store business will be very good, the demand will be very much, so business clothing store how to purchase and order?

* in the clothing sale, there are a lot of work to do, but the * key is several times a year of product orders, the goods have good sales and the future will have a * * * * guarantee, including headache inventory will be controlled in reasonable proportion range. The goods order is not good, the performance of the terminal (display) may have lost to similar competitors, sales performance, sales is certainly conceivable!

water source must be treated. A quarter of slow-moving and malignant inventory is the crux of the lack of scientific order and delivery. The key to solve the above problems is scientific ordering and scientific stocking. How to scientifically order, it is necessary to objective facts   on the basis of scientific analysis to make conclusions.

For example,

selected goods according to different locations in the local cultural environment, fashion, consumer habits, wearing sexy features, with a view to clever buyers, each subordinate stores scientific distribution. The buyer must be able to accurately grasp the local trends, in preferences, consumer psychology, if you eat not, also can be in the manager, Purchasing Guide to explore and cultivate a buyer for buyers; the order is too important, with professional buyers, eat what problems can really be solved scientifically.

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