The successful experience of small jewelry store boss doll

The successful experience of small jewelry store boss doll

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venture pattern is with all sorts of strange things, some people grow, some rely on the production, some people are selling products, but this girl is relying on its own design to start.

The university graduated from

11 PM, on the two floor of a liberation road department store near the aisle stalls, the reporter found a small puppet jewelry store, although not in the store, just a wall of shelves, but the hand puppet cute on a glass shelf, or let people stop. In the reporter at 11 taste these inspirational works, Xiao Zhou is holding a large cloth bears appeared in front of reporters.

crush on handicrafts, Xiao Zhou was because of the joy of childhood find origami. Xiao Zhou told reporters, in the fourth grade primary school, making a class on hand, do it yourself make a boat, the frog didn’t want to have is the best in the class, so get the teacher’s praise. And after this, their handmade works also often represent the class in the school awards. In high school, her home in fragmentary cloth by a spell the first small doll cut sew, although it looks ugly, but this time let her hands from obsession on the Muppet Handmade.

2005, a junior Xiao Zhou with his design of the puppet "beautiful hen flew to Beijing to participate in the national handicraft production competition, won the two prize of the Chinese art rookie contest.

with Zhou Muppet little fame, who asked her mother to store money, especially the young couple’s wedding day, her lover doll is hot hot, she also guest in the Muppet embroidered with auspicious words and sweetheart’s name, in order to transfer the blessings of love. The active site of the order of these customers, let Xiao Zhou saw opportunities of making puppets.

has always been an independent Zhou did not ask their parents for money to develop their own puppet market, she first put to sell their works in the Pearl Plaza next to the bridge, each with more than and 30 dolls one evening recommended

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