What are the barriers to female entrepreneurship

What are the barriers to female entrepreneurship

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venture regardless of everyone, as long as there is this idea actually can be on the road to entrepreneurship. However, different gender, different age entrepreneurship, will face different obstacles. In fact, women are more strong than men in many times. For example, when you are ill; when you are injured; when you meet with a major setback.

similarly, in the process of starting a woman must play this trait. Don’t want to get other people’s love and comfort to anyone, because these are short. The next small series to tell you the five barriers to female entrepreneurship, to help you understand the reality, break through the obstacles, move forward.

sex discrimination

public opinion on female entrepreneurship injustice, female entrepreneurs are often regarded as "stereotyped woman" impression, or is regarded as "restless woman". In the survey, only 30.9% of the total number of respondents expressed appreciation for female entrepreneurs, and 41.5% of respondents want to be fair to women entrepreneurs.

The respondents of

19.6% reflect the gender discrimination in the process of entrepreneurship, and 18.2% think that public opinion is unfair to women. Public opinion on the impact of female entrepreneurs have seriously affected the enthusiasm of women entrepreneurs, 58.7% of women entrepreneurs should be given to women to start a more relaxed environment, more equitable treatment.

traditional ideas influence

female entrepreneurs have psychological weakness from the psychology research results for men and women, achievement demand is not the same, instigated the key psychological achievement is male "competition", women’s motivation is "social acceptance", in addition to the traditional "men, ideas and physiological factors of women in" the women at the start, the dependence of inferiority complex.

Many women prefer

mothers, rather than female students in innovation and entrepreneurship, "well done, understanding the representative is inferior to marry well. Even successful entrepreneurs have begun to female entrepreneurs, the family is still a heavy burden of responsibility as their own.

market competition is not standardized

the difficulty of female entrepreneurship increase, is still in the market economy to the transition stage of planned economy in China, the market economy has its own advantages, also has its inherent negative effects, such as the pursuit of value for use unscrupulous divisive tactics, at the expense of use value and value. In the field of business, there are also disorderly competition, lack of integrity, moral anomie and other phenomena.

In a sample survey conducted by the Nanjing Federation of industry and commerce, only 37.7% of private entrepreneurs believe that the current market order is better; the establishment of a fair market order is listed as entrepreneurs to the government

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