Play the advantages of convenience stores to promote the development of store business

Play the advantages of convenience stores to promote the development of store business

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had a large supermarket shopping experience of the people should know, although large supermarket commodity series rich, quality has safeguard, but need to wait for the checkout time too long, but the supermarket is almost a point and will not allow, these limitations will undoubtedly give the machine can take advantage of the convenience store "". So, if the convenience store can play such an advantage, no doubt to allow business to get better development.

remember during the Spring Festival, the major supermarkets have to a variety of special items, points and other activities to redeem the new and old customers. As our community convenience stores, due to the different purchase channels, store size limitations, can not be a lot of customer feedback in the economy, but because we have a community-based, fixed consumer groups big supermarket incomparable, so I think: Based on the amount of let the customer should play the emotional card to retain customers. In addition to smile service, integrity management and some other traditional business sense, I practice in the checkout and relief fraction free for customers to receive courier service, greatly increased the feelings between us and customers.

checkout relief fraction. In the daily operation, check encountered fraction, in this case, I tend to erase the fraction. In general, the total price of the merchandise to the customer to buy the amount I decided to reduce the amount of change to. At least 32 Fen wool, three yuan more than two dollars or even Sanshiershi. In addition, I will take the goods purchased by the customer’s profit to determine the size fraction of the amount of relief goods, big profits as the case may be appropriate to increase the fraction of the amount of relief.

especially to buy commodities before and after the Spring Festival to customers, based on customer price to erase a little matter fraction, impression to the customer will feel the owner is an honest man. Although in this serious devaluation of currency, the 32 Fen gross three yuan, two yuan or even Sanshiershi had not put in the eye, but the customer Zhanxiaopianyi mentality will never change, sometimes even reduced the customer 10 Fen, customers will feel is accounted for cheap, convenience stores to become the most loyal customers.

free express delivery for customers. In the era of rapid development of the Internet, more and more modern people join the army of online shopping, especially during the spring festival. The majority of people due to work, go out and many other reasons, resulting in the delivery of goods courier company, the consignee can not receive on time.

so many customers want to give them a call the courier, because we are the community convenience stores, many are familiar with the customer, so it is very willing to help customers in this busy, sometimes encounter unfamiliar customers, you collect a courier after he will become familiar to him, in return, when shopping you must first think of the convenience store, so the effect is to increase its own source. You can get more returns, Why not?.

convenience store, although compared with the big supermarket

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