You are ready to start the three core

You are ready to start the three core

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Liu Edong is a typical Chongqing man, upright, bold, passionate, always say that they are grass root root bitter, but has a restless heart attack "". The entrepreneur has more than two kinds: one to start a business venture, in the pursuit of self presence when passing money; a venture to make money, the life force is not their choice. Liu Edong belongs to the latter.

three core business, are you ready?

project selection: not the best, only suitable for

Selected items like

the enemy, know yourself. Liu Edong suggested that the choice of entrepreneurial projects should be a result of rigorous thinking:

1. sort out its own advantages and industry resources;

2. investigate market conditions, believe in common sense, identify opportunities;

3. avoid blindly follow the trend;

4. will own the opportunity to investigate and their own advantages, resources, combined with the project model;

5. will be the initial model to the side of the investigation and consultation (believe that they are familiar with the intuitive judgment of people, acquaintances are more willing than strangers to reveal the true consumer psychology). Team building: don’t be misled by Chinese partner

"Chinese partner" said, not his best brother and partner companies, Liu Edong does not think so.

Together for business people than to find the wife is difficult to find the

"! The success of the project is a help than you >

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