Catering business to know how to change

Catering business to know how to change

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life to know how resourceful, even so to catering business also. It is wise to know that different groups have different needs and that they can sell different products. Open a restaurant, to do the story to sell after 90, to sell the emotion after 80, 75 after the sale of services, to sell after the grade of 70, after the sale of quality to the number of sales after the sale of the amount of 55, and then again in front of the health of the people to sell after 60. I look at this statement is not without reason, and very fit with the current market consumer psychology.

After 60

55, calm, pragmatic, mostly focus on quality and life saving, massive experience and habits, they pay more attention to the quality and quantity of food;

70 80, the mature, they just entered middle age and gradually gained social recognition, public access to the restaurant have a meal to eat is not only taste, is also a kind of emotional link, enjoy the service as well as the embodiment of the grade of


typical case

70 after the meal bar in 70s as the theme, the domestic use of the elements of the year 70s, there are a number of stores also use some of the elements of history in Europe and America to decorate the restaurant. Into the store neatly stocked with wooden table, the table is the old lotus lamp cover, make people feel calm and peaceful old time.

70 after dinner after renovation in 70s for the location of the common ground, emotion and history as a line, affects 70, 80, 90, the 50, or even 60s different consumers catering and emotional appeal, in each generation of consumers appears to tell a different story.

open a restaurant in the face of different people have different selling method

food needs will tell stories

food and beverage market, public catering in those dishes affordable and cost-effective, in the sense of taste and cultural symbols outside door full of restaurants for a long row of the team’s consumers not only slightly shallow 90, also includes various age levels of consumers.

eat this thing on the "story" to find meaning and charm of the attitude of consumers to a certain extent reflects a problem — in addition to delicious food, a sufficient quantity, who can provide more fun to eat, consumers have become more popular.

restaurant can provide more culture and meaning, this is in constant development and catering enterprises in the catering market preferred out of the dining experience, and the "story" of the key ability embodied in a catering enterprise culture and how to rely on the theme to create a story atmosphere.

for those with little money, not the size of the restaurant can help them experience

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